Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The End of the Illusion?

The farce and debacle that is our government has been put on display for all to see with this latest shutdown drama. Everyone seems to see it for what it is, everyone agrees that they're all bums and should be thrown out. And yet...

The shutdown drama has had one particular success: it has reinforced the persistent yet patently false notion that the only way to solve this problem is to choose a side and blame the other guy. As the shutdown lingers on, politicians pontificate and posture while the suffering of ordinary people increases. The polarization of American politics has reached a new high (low) as a result of this situation, foreshadowing what I predict will be the most virulent (and useless) political campaign season ever. For at least some of those involved, this was surely the intent all along.

Are we so naive to forget that government is a place where politicians, be they Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative, come together to wallow in the corrupting slime of greed and power? Yet we keep returning to the idea that if it weren't for the other guy's political party, our problems will be solved. Don't we  know by now that these guys all go to the same golf courses, hang out with each other in their multi-million-dollar mansions, attend the same parties, make the real deals behind closed doors...and laugh at us.

And so two contradictory impulses try to co-exist. We rage at the incompetence and corruption that is obviously endemic to government, yet at the next election we grudgingly come back and vote for more of the same. Have we not, at long last, reached the point where we admit this is all a sham, and simply stop endorsing it?

But then comes the big question: then what? Trying to "solve" this problem does take us into some scary territory. Are we talking revolution, anarchism?

Truth Dots is not going there. When you have problems this huge, it seems even more clear that the solutions we must pursue are personal ones. In fact, an underlying point of this blog is this:

Exposing the rampant fraud, manipulation and deceptions that are foisted upon us by our leaders and institutions is just a first step. The next step is to realize that the biggest illusion is that any of this is more important than what's going on in your own heart and mind. A life of freedom and happiness comes from awakening one's own consciousness, not from forcing change on the world. And yet doing so can actually have profound implications for not just ourselves but everyone around us.

I have written about this in the past and will continue to do so.
Here's a post called "Rite of Passage," about the moment after you take the metaphorical red pill, awaken from the Matrix, and then have to decide, how do I respond?

Also please read "Together On The Journey," a post about two people, Arthur and Crystal, whose personal health crises led to powerful personal transformations. Both are now inspiring and helping others awaken to their own power to transform their lives.

The sheer absurdity of what goes on in the material world should be a signal to us, that there is more important business to attend to: the pursuit of our own awakening. Part of that awakening will indeed be an increased intellectual awareness of the illusions that permeate our culture and erode our freedoms. To respond to this is important, and to do so we must learn to apply all our critical thinking skills to the task of observing, interpreting and exposing what is real vs. what is a lie. We must use that knowledge to make an informed choice to reject anything that undermines our natural born right to live as free individuals.

But a greater teaching is always present, and we must come to know that life itself is the curriculum for learning this lesson: give up fear, anger, hate, resentment. Choose love, compassion, gratitude, humility and forgiveness. Welcome to the human race. It's time to start attending life-class.

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